Chem-Phys Patch Monitors Electrocardiogram Heart Signals As You Workout

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UC San Diego

UC San Diego

The majority of fitness trackers you find people wearing today are capable of performing simple tasks, most notably tracking how many steps the user takes in a day.

However, researchers from the University of California, San Diego set out to create a more robust fitness tracking system in the Chem-Phys patch.

Released today, research suggests the Chem-Phys patch will monitor electrocardiogram heart signals and a user’s levels of lactate, simply by being attached to a user’s chest.

Essentially, the new wearable patch will be able to monitor the chemicals in our sweat and then send the data it collects to a user’s smartphone app.

While it may not seem like a major wearable fitness breakthrough, the Chem-Phys patch is unique in its ability to gather heart rate info and body chemical data simultaneously.

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