Fitbit Invests $6 Million In Young Glucose-Monitoring Startup Sano

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Fitbit’s investment in glucose arm watch

Source: Fitbit

San Francisco-based startup, Sano, which was started in 2011, is developing what the company calls a minimally invasive, continuous glucose monitor that users can wear on their skin like a patch.

Despite being around for a few years, Sano has yet to ship a product but that soon may change thanks to a recent investment from Fitbit.

In an effort to make fitness devices more valuable when it comes to health monitoring, Fitbit has invested $6 million in Sano, its latest move within the health tech industry.

Last September, Fitbit announced a similar initiative with Dexcom, Inc., with the goal of bringing a continuous glucose-monitoring display to the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch.

In addition, Fitbit is working on tackling sleep apnea, an issue plaguing a ton of people across the world.

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