Alibaba’s New G Plus Autonomous Robot Uses LiDAR to Deliver Packages

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Alibaba’s robots have mostly been confined to the company’s warehouses but that’s about to change.

The Chinese tech giant’s latest creation is called the G Plus and is a self-driving robot which utilizes LiDAR for navigation and facial recognition in order to ensure it is delivering its packages to the correct recipients.

Capable of hitting 9 mph, the G Plus can travel long distances and carry multiple packages at once.

Not to mention, Alibaba says it can keep food warm.

The robot operates similarly to how an autonomous car gets around, creating a 3D map of its surrounding in order to avoid obstacles and be the best delivery locker on wheels it can possibly be.

There is much hype around the G Plus due to its ease of being mass-produced and its potential to be extremely cost efficient in the delivery space in the future.