Amazon’s Mini Rainforest Work Space Spheres are Made From Glass and Steel

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Amazon’s mini rainforest spheres, aptly named “The Spheres”, have been in develop for nearly seven years, and now they’ve finally come to fruition.

The Spheres are located in Seattle and feature 40,000 plants from 30 different countries around the world, in addition to vertical gardens on the walls.

Constructed from glass and steel, the mini work spheres are capable of accommodating 800 people, equipped with Wi-Fi, and are designed as a place employees go to get together away from their office desks.

While there are micro-climates within the spheres, in general temperatures hover around 72 degrees Fahrenheit with 60 percent humidity.

The biggest sphere is 90 feet high and 130 feet wide, so the structures are no joke. However, it is worth noting that ID badges will be monitored in order to ensure the spaces are being hogged by the same people for long periods of time.