Apple’s New iPhone X is Great But Its Semiconductor Will Set the Company Apart

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Apple’s recent special event where the company unveiled a number of new products and apps generated a lot of buzz for good reason, however, one product may be overlooked.

The general public is focusing on the iPhone X and its camera performance and screen size when what could actually set the company apart is Apple’s A12 processor.

Of course, Apple designs all of its semiconductors which is always a differentiator in its products, with the A12 being no exception by improving speed, performance and battery life.

So what makes Apple’s semiconductor such a competitive advantage?

For starters, it enables Apple to achieve optimal performance with its devices since the hardware and software can be designed in a collaborative way, while also optimizing the cost of manufacturing said devices.

Perhaps the biggest advantage Apple has is that it is constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to semiconductor performance, most notably via speed-to-size increases, which as a result continue to push the industry forward through competition.