BMW Announces SOS Call System To Help Keep Motorcyclists Safe

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Emergency call systems aren’t anything new, however most are limited to automobiles only.

BMW wants to change this by offering a SOS call system for motorcyclists capable of automatically detected crashes and calling emergency services as needed.

The company announced its Intelligent Emergency Call system will be available for European BMW motorcycles starting in 2017.

At the moment, its unclear if the SOS call system will be available for US customers, although it is worth noting that Europe is making its eCall system mandatory in new vehicles beginning in 2018.

Sensors, in addition to a microphone and loudspeaker installed on the bike’s handlebar, will be responsible for detecting a crash then establishing contact with the rider.

From there, the SOS call system utilizes GPS location and a dedicated cellular connection to contact BMW’s emergency call centers and “initiate the rescue chain.”

If the rider is alright, they are able to cancel the call or they can manually trigger the emergency response if needed.

Data suggests emergency call systems enable help to get to the scene of a crash 40 to 50 percent faster, ultimately saving lives and preventing further accidents from taking place.]