Cafe X Utilizes Smart Robotics and Machine Learning to Serve Cups of Coffee

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Amazingly, over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are served and consumed in the world daily.

One could say that coffee makes the world turn, yet beyond the development of the Keurig, we haven’t seen a ton of automated coffee serving technology being developed.

That is, until ‘Cafe X’, which is a robot-operated coffee machine, first made its debut in Hong Kong.

Developed by Henry Hu, Cafe X is a coffee serving robot that utilizes smart robotics and machine learning working autonomously in order to pour quick cups of coffee for people on the go.

Ultimately, Hu designed the device for humans and robots to collaborate so while the robot is serving the coffee, the team at the Cafe X kiosk is able to focus on sourcing and using fresh ingredients.

The order process is rather simple as it can be placed with an app, where the robot then whips up your cup of joe in approximately 20 seconds.

“We spend countless hours working closely with our coffee roaster partners to source the best ingredients, calibrate our equipment, and create beverage configurations,” says Cafe X. “The end result is that each coffee served to our customer tastes the way the roaster intended.”]