CIA’s In-Q-Tel Is Investing In Voxel8’s First Multi-Material, 3D Electronics Printer

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The CIA’s venture capital firm has invested in Voxel8, the company behind the first multi-material, 3D electronics printer, in order to 3D-print its own gadgets/electronics.

Founded in 1999, CIA’s In-Q-Tel, is responsible for the intelligence agency’s latest investment as it is the branch responsible for seeking out and supporting the development of technologies that may be useful to the intelligence community.

Palantir Technologies, D-Wave Systems, and Pelican Imaging are a few companies In-Q-Tel has backed since its inception almost 20 years ago.

“We are pleased to be partnering with Voxel8 to further develop its multi-material 3D printing technology,” said Megan Anderson, the Vice President of Field Deployable Technologies at In-Q-Tel in a statement. “The customization enabled by Voxel8’s technology allows users to quickly create new devices without the inconvenience of tooling, inventory, and supply chains associated with traditional manufacturing methods.”