Despatch Conveyor Oven Proves to be Best Solution for Automation Needs of Medical Device Manufacturer

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Despatch Conveyor Oven Proves to be Best Solution for Automation Needs of Medical Device Manufacturer

A medical device manufacturer required an oven to preheat an aluminum mold for a silicone part that was to be filled and cured in the next manufacturing step.

The company develops innovative products that improve patient outcomes by enabling minimally invasive surgery.

The Issues They Where Facing

The oven was to be installed in an automated manufacturing cell and needed electrical interlocks and communication that were not included in the standard oven electrical package. Since the oven was to be placed in an automated cell, footprint and access to the oven would be limited.

Actions and Outcomes

Despatch visited the customer to work out a solution and was able to meet the customer’s requirements with minor modifications to the PCC1-40 conveyor oven.

The customer is now able to access the electrical panels and the oven interior for maintenance without compromise. The Despatch applications team also visited the site and exchanged 2D drawings and 3D models to ensure proper fit.

To meet the customer’s automation needs, Despatch engineers incorporated an AC belt drive and a temperature controller with a machine interface to allow the automation system to index belt motion and control temperature in the oven without human interaction. Multiple status relays were incorporated into the controls including oven power, conveyor running and an eye on the conveyor discharge, to provide feedback to the customer’s PLC.  All these features along with the inherent high level of temperature control in the Despatch oven work together to assure flawless operation.

Despatch PC Series Conveyor Oven

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