Cycling Legend Greg LeMond Working to Greatly Reduce Carbon Fiber Production Costs

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Greg LeMond, best known for winning the Tour de France not once but three times, 1986, 1989 and 1990, has a new business venture underway.

Seeing as how LeMond made a name for himself as pioneer of utilizing carbon fiber bikes in cycling, he is now teaming up Victoria’s Deakin University in order to figure out more cost effective ways producing carbon fiber.

As part of a $44 million deal, LeMond Composites will license technology developed at Deakin’s Geelong-based carbon fiber research center, Carbon Nexus.]

The cost of producing carbon fiber has barely changed since LeMond last won the Tour de France in 1990, something that LeMond deems unacceptable with how rapidly technology has progressed and is still progressing in 2017.

This is all set to change thanks to the new technology developed by PhD student Maxime Maghe and Carbon Nexus general manager Steve Atkiss, which encompasses a manufacturing process capable of significantly reducing capital costs.

“This new technology could revolutionize the advanced manufacturing sector locally, across Australia and around the globe, because it will make carbon fiber more affordable to produce, which will make it more accessible for consumers,” Deakin vice chancellor Jane Den Hollander said.

Production is expected to begin in September.