Despatch Lab Ovens are Small In Size But Robust In Features and Performance

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Despatch Thermal Processing Technology

Processes such as drying glassware or carrying out complex heating applications in a laboratory require a special type of industrial oven that’s not only versatile but also compact in size.

A lab oven’s stability and repeatability are pertinent when it comes to testing materials in order to prevent the possibility of skewed results.

Despatch’s lab ovens fit the bill as they are continuously called upon by industrial buyers for their high performance mixed with superior uniformity and consistent results.

Unlike most lab ovens which utilize vertical airflow, Despatch’s lab ovens feature horizontal airflow thanks to a high-volume fan circulating air through perforated, stainless steel walls. Ultimately, this enables uniform heating across all shelves.

Additionally, Despatch’s lab ovens provide controlled ramp rates with the capacity to rapidly bring the product up to the desired temperature for shorter cycle times.

Features of Lab Ovens:

  • Stainless steel interiors
  • Smooth door surfaces
  • Sturdy, welded, double-wall construction
  • Thick glass fiber insulation
  • Heavy-duty door gaskets
  • Thorough quality and performance test before shipping
  • Five-year warranty in regards to heating elements
  • Protocol 3™ microprocessor-based temperature (except for the LBB series)
  • Hi-limit controller with a large LCD display
  • Ability to control the oven with your computer


Typical applications for these ovens include die-bond curing and other semiconductor packaging processes, depyrogenation, sterilizing and drying for life sciences. These units are stackable to save valuable floor space and provide maximum ergonomic efficiency for operators.]

Lab Ovens In Hazardous Environments

Despatch Class A lab ovens are specially designed to meet NFPA 86 requirements. They include a pressure relief panel, purge timer, and exhaust fan to ensure all possible explosion hazards are eliminated.

Laboratory Ovens for Material and Reliability Testing

Despatch’s RBC Burn-In Oven offers maximum flexibility for small lot qualification testing, burn-in, reliability testing, and research and development. The stackable oven allows you to run concurrent tests utilizing different temperatures or different cycle times. They are ideal for qualification testing with small lots, because a new test may be started on the second chamber while the first test is still in progress.

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