Embedded In This Miniature Coin Is an Archive of 1,000 Different Languages

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The Rosetta Wearable Disc is a tiny coin, to the tune of just 0.78-inches across, that acts as an archive of different human languages used in 2016.

In fact, the miniature coin holds 1,000 different languages which are printed in microscopic text, acting as a tool for future generations to translate modern text.

Made from nickel, it’s a rather remarkable device as it is designed to last until the year 12,000 AD and was manufactured similarly to how microchips are made.]

How Does It Work?

Tiny bits of nickel are attracted to a glass plate which has the 1,000-pages of language documentation printed on it. Then, the resulting disk essentially raises all of the information to the surface.

In order to actually read the text, one would have to utilize a laboratory microscope capable of magnifications up to 150X!

While yes, the coin is a neat idea, it doesn’t run cheap…

It requires a donation of at least $1,000 to the language archival initiative and availability will be limited as a result of the intricate manufacturing process.