General Electric Constructing 1,200MW Thermal Power Plant In Ghana

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General Electric chief executive Jeff Immelt recently told Reuters the company is planning on building a a 1,200MW thermal power plant in Ghana that will be fully operational within the next five years.

GE is constructing the plant in order to provide help a midst Ghana’s power shortage, which will encompass two project phases. The first phase will render a 750MW plant that will run on liquefied natural gas and become operational by 2017. The second phase will see another plant becoming operational sometime between 2019 and 2020.

At the moment, General Electric is planning on helping out immediately with the power crisis at hand by providing emergency power systems for the country.

“We stand ready to be a great partner for emergency power by the summer, and also we will invest and bring together some other investors to make this (thermal project) happen,” said Immelt.

Ghana’s severe power shortages can largely be attributed to insufficient gas supplies of which the country needs to operate its thermal plants. As a result, Ghana is dedicated to reducing its  dependence on crude oil for power facilities moving forward.