GM Updates “Super Cruise” and Cadillacs will Soon Change Lanes Automatically

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General Motors is upgrading its “Super Cruise” smart driving assistant, and the first models to receive the heavily upgraded version are going to be the 2021 Cadillac CT4, CT5, and the Escalade. Cadillac is a subsidiary of the General Motors Company, which is dedicated to luxury vehicles, so launching a new cutting edge driving assistance technology on its models first makes sense from a marketing perspective. The existing CT5 and CT6 sedans have been equipped with the earlier versions of the Super Cruise system since 2017, but the new version will be leaps and bounds ahead.

The Super Cruise uses data from cameras and radar sensors, as well as the car’s embedded GPS and LiDAR mapping systems to help the driver take his/her hands off of the wheel safely. An infrared camera monitors the driver and if their attention shifts elsewhere, it notifies them to take back control of the car. Already, GM gathered the data of 5 million miles being driven autonomously, so they had all the info they needed to make targeted improvements on the system. Now, Super Cruise is ready to take the next big step forward with the most extensive update since its debut.

The next-gen Super Cruise will bring “automated lane change functionality”, which is a very complex task in autonomous driving when it has to be done with no compromises in safety. The driver simply taps on the turn signal and the car performs the lane change if and when all safety prerequisites are met. Besides this exciting new feature, the new generation will sport a much-improved user interface and better hands-free driving dynamics. Finally, the new systems will deploy more powerful processors, so they will perform better and quicker in general.

The only other automotive manufacturer who offers auto-lane changes is Tesla, so GM is one of the leaders in the field right now. The existing generation costs around $3100, so it doesn’t come cheap, but more than 85% of current Cadillac owners state that they would pay for the Super Cruise system for their next model.

Image and video from Cadillac