Honda Recalls 1.1 Million Vehicles Over Concerns for Faulty Airbags

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Honda Recalls 1.1 Million Vehicles

The Takata airbags nightmare continues, with the latest chapter involving Honda and their marque Acura, who have decided to recall about 1.1 million vehicles which could be affected by an issue in their active safety system. More specifically, the Japanese automaker is worried about the airbag inflator that is employed in the recalled vehicles, which is likely to be faulty. What this means is that in the case of a crash, the airbag would not inflate properly, or inflate at all, greatly risking the lives of the passengers. Another possibility is the chance of having arbitrary triggering of the airbag, due to heat and humidity that can cause chemical deterioration, causing the gas canister to rupture and possibly spray out fragments with lethal speeds. Sounds scary, and indeed is very dangerous, as a recent accident in the US has clearly demonstrated.

The repairing process will be free of charge for the owners of the affected vehicles of course, and can only be carried out on an authorized Acura and Honda dealers and service shops. The massive recalls of Takata airbags that affected about 8.5 million vehicles back in May 2016 have led all manufacturers who collaborated with the company to investigate the safety of their models. The vehicles that Honda found to be susceptible now were previously deemed safe, but that was not the case for all cars after all. This widens the spectrum of affection for all manufacturers, and not just Honda, so many more models are expected to be recalled for similar checks and repairs. Approximately 70 million airbag inflators will be replaced by the end of the year, and another 100 million are expected to be recalled on a global scale in the near future.

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Image by Miomir Djurovic from Pixabay