LEDs Based On Quantum Dots Being Used To Create Low-Voltage “Electronic Tattoos”

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Yes, you read the title correctly…

The next breakthrough in wearable tech just might be low-voltage “electronic tattoos”, which are being created by utilizing flexible, stretchable LEDs based on quantum dots.

These stretchable LEDs are then being manufactured into ultrathin sheets, where they essentially mimic stickers and can be applied to human skin.

Researchers from the Institute for Basic Science and Seoul National University in South Korea printed quantum dot light-emitting diodes (QLEDs) on films that can curve, bend and stretch, before moving towards the idea of electronic tattoos.

Because QLEDs are made using the intaglio transfer printing technique, the alignment of red, green and blue pixels with high resolutions, up to 2460 pixels per inch, are sharper than the latest smartphone displays.

The researchers said the best electroluminescence performance reported to date was 14,000 cdm-2 at 7 V and that the technique is scalable over large area.

So, how long before electronic tattoos become the new trend?

Only time will tell.]