LG’s New 55-Inch OLED Panel Is 0.97 Millimeters Thick and Peels Off The Wall Like a Poster

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LG seems to continuously push the boundaries when it comes to new technology, specifically when it involves developing magnificent screens.

They might have outdone themselves with their latest screen, a 55-inch OLED panel merely 0.97 millimeters thick, that can easily be peeled away from its magnetic wall mounting like a poster.

Unveiled at an LG event in South Korea on Tuesday, the screen is much thinner than existing OLED displays and weighs just 4.1 pounds.

Since the screen is so skinny, many are assuming the electronics are packed into the magnetic wall mount, but the details have yet to be revealed to the public.

Also, LG did not come out and say the screen would see commercialization any time soon, so perhaps this was simply a good opportunity to show the rest of the world how rapidly the company’s technology is advancing.

Even if it was available for purchase, I would imagine there would be very few people in the world with enough expendable money to be able to purchase such an incredible OLED panel.