LG’s New K7i Phone Features Mosquito-Repelling Tech

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LG’s latest phone features a 5-in. HD display, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, and an unspecified quad-core processor. Pretty standard, right? However, the new India-exclusive K7i smartphone has one characteristic that has people buzzing…

Mosquito-repelling ultrasonic sound wave technology built into the phone itself.

It is worth noting that the technology, which LG refers to as Mosquito Away, is already included in many of the company’s other electronics, ranging from washing machines to televisions.

According to the company, the mosquito-repelling tech emits ultrasonic waves from a mesh grid on the back of the phone, which in turn repel the pests and are “absolutely safe and harmless for humans.”

Still, there is an ongoing debate regarding whether or not the tech actually works or is simply a marketing ploy by LG.

I, for one, welcome mosquito-repelling features to the tech space.