McLaren’s New Supercar Features a Folding Driving Display Which Physically Moves

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McLaren supercars differ from regular cars in the fact that many of them are built for the racetrack.

As a result, McLaren typically installs unique features in some of its high-end race vehicles in order to differentiate itself from the pack.

The company’s latest innovation is called the Folding Driving Display, which is being unveiled in its latest supercar at the Geneva Motor Show next week.

The Folding Driving Display physically moves to let the driver choose between two different screens as he or she is barreling around the racetrack.

Once the driver puts the vehicle into track mode, the racing-focused screen automatically appears but there is a button which can switch the screen back and forth if needed.

McLaren’s new supercar, its name, and its innovative dashboard will all be unveiled next week so be sure to keep up with the Geneva Motor Show for updates.]