Microsoft Applies for New Health Tech Patents of the Fitness Tracking Band Variety

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Microsoft appeared to give up on tech-related bands back in 2016 when its original Band fitness tracker was for lack of a better word, underwhelming.

However, two relatively new fitness-tracker sensors patents from the company suggest otherwise.

The most intriguing patent revolves around helping the Microsoft Band check a user’s blood pressure without having to utilize the inflatable cuff by estimating blood pressure using the waveform characteristics of your pulse, as measured by the pulse oximeter built into each wearable device.

It is also clear in the patent that the data collected are estimates and should not be substituted for a checkup from a doctor.

The second patent is for a ring-shaped electrically conductive sensor capable of measuring stress levels.

For now, there is no guarantee whether or not Microsoft is aiming to get back in the wearable health tech industry, however the company clearly isn’t simply going to give up on what many believe is the future of healthcare.