Motorola Patents Touchscreen Display Capable of Repairing Itself With Heat

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Despatch Thermal Processing Technology

If you are one of the lucky ones who have never experienced a cracked smartphone screen, congratulations as you are an outlier.

There are countless people walking around daily with super damaged touchscreens because while it may not look pretty, and has the potential to cut your fingers, the phone still works and is not worth the cost to replace it.

Motorola is looking to make this rampant issue an afterthought with the company’s new patent which is a touchscreen display capable of repairing its own cracks by applying heat.

The healing process features “shape memory polymer,” a material that can reportedly become deformed and then recovered through thermal cycling, which alters the temperature of the material rapidly.

Applications for the material include LCD and LED displays, and body heat can be utilized to heat the polymer if necessary, say if the phone’s heating process malfunctions.]