How Neon Signs Are Made: Bending Tubes and Illuminating Glass Over a Flame

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Matt Thompson has been perfecting his craft of making neon signs and lights for over 30 years now, but recently invited a camera crew to film what goes into his work.

Many of us enjoy seeing those “OPEN” neon signs outside of bars and crazy neon lights at concerts and sporting events, yet don’t really know what goes into making them.

Using brightly colored glass tubes and gas, Thompson creates custom signage, repairs old signs and commissions one-of-a-kind artwork.

In the short documentary below, you can watch Matt in his element, blowing and illuminating glass, bending tubes, and working with some crazy flames that would enthrall a pyromaniac.

But really, what makes the footage below so interesting is the fact that making neon signs has been done the same way for a hundred years.

We just happen to have someone around in 2015 keeping the tradition alive and who is excellent at what he does.