New Dyson Lamp Promises a Service Life of 60 Years

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Dyson has presented a new product called “Dyson Lightcycle Morph”, which is the pinnacle of the firm’s smart light product range. It is based on the previous year’s “Lightcycle” that was a market success although it was pretty expensive. This light was the product of two years of research from Dyson’s engineers on how the intensity and color of artificial light affects human beings, their state, and their cognitive function. The result was to introduce a lamp that adjusts its color temperature between 2700 and 6500 Kelvin, as well as its brightness from zero to 1000 lux.

The difference in the new Dyson lamp is that it can rotate 360 degrees, it no longer adjusts only to the daylight but also to the user and the task, and it promises to last for 60 years. Moreover, the stem is now a light itself, emitting a soft ambient orange glow when you need to wind down and relax from the tasks of the day. Of course, everything can be adjusted manually by the user too, by using the accompanying Dyson Link app.

Asking $650 for the desk version and $845 for the floor Lightcycle Morph is a hefty price for sure, but the 60 years of service life make it a bit easier to justify the investment. Dyson achieves this astonishing estimated lifetime by drawing heat away from the LEDs of the lamp through the deployment of the company’s very own heat pipe technology. The estimation of the 60 years is based on the assumption that the user will keep the lamp on for eight hours per day, so the real service life depends.

Finally, the new lamp features for a “Precision mode” that is very close to actual daylight, has infrared motion sensors to detect movement around it and help save energy when it shouldn’t be active, and can accept up to twenty different setting modes. Finally, there’s an “Away mode” that forces the lamp to go on and off every now and then, imitating your presence at home and deterring robbers from paying a visit to your place during your absence.

Image by Dyson