Pollen’s PAM 3D Printer for Professionals Can Handle Up to 4 Materials Simultaneously

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Despatch Thermal Processing Technology

Pollen’s new PAM 3D printer is specifically designed for business, becoming one of the first of its kind created for professionals.

The 3D printer looks quite luxurious but don’t let that fool you when it comes to its capabilities.

Pollen’s PAM 3D printer is capable of printing resolution of up to 40 ? while handling up to 4 materials simultaneously.

It comes with its own software, Honeyprint, which allows the device to be controlled by just about anything, in addition to its own API for managing printing tasks at a distance.

The company behind PAM, Pollen, says the printer has “the largest range” of materials available, from thermoplastics to silicones, offering transparency, flexibility, elasticity, a range of colors, and even food-safe surfaces.

Like most practical 3D printers, PAM is expensive, expecting to cost somewhere from $8,900 to around $16,000.]]