Porsche Wants to Be the Sole Supplier of Batteries for Formula E Cars

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Porsche wants to become a major player in the growing sport that is Formula E.

In fact, the German automobile giant is interested in becoming the sole supplier of batteries for Formula E cars by the time the sport enters its fifth season.

This isn’t the first time that Porsche has been associated with Formula E, as numerous top execs from the company have been seen at events over its first two seasons.

The decision regarding who will become Formula E’s sole battery supplier will be made next month as a team of independent consultants brought in by FIA continues to review applications.

Last year’s Mission E concept car from Porsche marked the company’s entry into the electric vehicle space and continued when Porsche was given the task of managing the battery technology and development for the whole of Volkswagen Group at the beginning of 2016.

Red Bull Technology, Renault, Citroen DS and India’s homegrown utility vehicle manufacturer Mahindra, are also in the running to become the sole supplier of batteries for Formula e cars.