Prototype Device Can Measure Blood Pressure From Your Smartphone

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It feels like smartphones can do just about everything under the sun but where they leave a bit to be desired is in the healthcare industry.

Researchers from the University of Michigan are looking to change that thanks to a new prototype device they have developed capable of measuring blood pressure from a smartphone.

Of course, putting this type of tech in the pocket of people in need of regular blood pressure checks could be a major development.

Essentially, there is a sensor on the phone which allows the user to place their finger on it in order to get a proper reading by applying pressure.

A photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor and a thin-filmed force transducer, combined with the accompanying app could prove to be revolutionary for blood pressure readings.

And best thing about the prototype? Measurements take merely seconds.

Whether or not the prototype can become a major player in the industry remains to be seen as the big smartphone manufacturers are all developing similar tech so it would appear the first one to the market will have the advantage.