Robots are Helping Fight Coronavirus in Hospitals

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One of the positive things about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is that it’s accelerating the adoption of newer technologies in fields like the healthcare sector.

The novel coronavirus is too easy to catch for people, so it makes perfect sense to involve robots in the process as much as possible. For starters, we are seeing “UVC Robots” using UV light to disinfect patient rooms effectively, something that is absolutely pivotal in the fight against the virus. Robots can’t be affected or get sick, so at least this part of the operational procedure in hospitals cannot be disrupted. Furthermore, these robots are giving the exhausted hospital personnel a very well-needed break.

Each UVC Robot features an array of powerful short-wavelength ultraviolet-C lights that are capable of shredding DNA and RNA into unusable pieces.

It’s something similar to the radiation therapy that targets cancer tumors, only this one targets everything and kills anything inside a room. The maker of the robot, a Dutch tech firm, claims that it takes only a few minutes and a couple of position changes to cover all angles in a room, killing 99.99% of germs, bacteria, and viruses in it.

The manufacturer of UVC Robot has already made and sent 2000 of these units to hospitals in over forty countries around the world, selling them for about $85,000 each.

The company has been developing the UVC Robots for over four years now, initially aiming to address in-hospital infections and super-bacteria.

However, the explosion of the COVID-19 has caused an emergency that has given UVC a clear target and a more significant reason to become an indispensable part of every hospital’s equipment budget. The coronavirus is accelerating the adoption of a robot that won’t only save thousands of lives today, but potentially tens of thousands over the next couple of years.

Image Credit: UVD Robots