These Round Micro-Capsules Can Trap and Store CO2… Be Heated To Release Pure CO2

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Despatch Thermal Processing Technology

The tiny round capsules in the picture above don’t look like much, but they have the potential to be extremely useful to the world.

CO2 can easily pass through the outside shell of the capsules, where liquid inside of them can then capture and hold the CO2 in their core.

Thanks to a permeable polymer shell, gas passes through the shell in areas of high CO2 concentration, where it then reacts to form sodium bicarbonate.

From here, the micro-capsules can be heated to release pure CO2 in a controlled environment where it then can be either compressed, stored away, or possibly reused.

Real world applications for the capsules include environments where they are able to ensure safe and affordable capture of CO2 from emitted gasses, for example a power station.]