The Samsung PM1633a Is The World’s Largest SSD With 15.56 Terabytes of Storage

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Despatch Thermal Processing Technology

There are a myriad of SSDs these days, AKA Solid State Drives, but only one can be crowned the king of storage.

And that title goes to the Samsung PM1633a, which is the world’s largest SSD thanks to its monstrous 15.56 terabytes (or 15,360,000,000,000 bytes) of storage.

In addition to being the world’s largest SSD, the Samsung PM1633a is also the largest single hard drive ever created, greatly surpassing the 10 TB threshold most are capped at.

As one would imagine, the world’s largest SSD costs a pretty penny, carrying a $10,000 price tag for a device capable of storing all of the media you come across in your entire lifetime.

While the PM1633a was specifically designed for data center and larger server system applications, I’m sure someone with deep pockets will ante up for one of their own just because they can.