Shell Concept Car Will Deliver a 34% Reduction in Primary Energy Use Over Typical Vehicles

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The Shell concept car is a result of a collaboration between Geo Technology and Gordon Murray Design and is expected to provide big energy savings.

Called the Project M, the 550kg Shell concept car aims to maximize energy savings through “aggressive downsizing and streamlining while enhancing the efficiency of energy delivery through innovative engine design and lubricant formulation.”

Shell says if it were to go into production today, the car “would deliver a 34% reduction in primary energy use over its entire lifecycle when compared with a typical city car in the UK.”

While the Shell concept car does have its cons in the fact the vehicle is relatively small and only has three seats, it is also almost entirely recyclable.

Not to mention the fact that some parts of the car are 3D printed.

Its 660cc three-pot delivers 107mpg, with a cruising speed of 45mph.

The 2.5m car features 43bhp, thanks to a semi-automatic five-speed gearbox.]]