Siemens Attempting To Save Lives and Minds With the Magnetom Prisma 3-Tesla MRI Machine

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The Ma­gne­tom Pris­ma Tim+Dot Sys­tem 3 Tes­la, which is latest and greatest MRI machine from Siemens, is widely considered to be one of the most powerful, state of the art medical imaging devices available today.

Currently, there are approximately 50 units in Europe, with the inaugural machine located at the University of Minnesota in the United States.

The MRI scanner utilizes strong magnetic fields and radio waves in order to create images of the body, while avoiding harmful ionizing radiation.

The high resolution image quality of the Magnetom Prisma 3-Tesla in particular gives researchers the ability to thoroughly investigate the anatomy and physiology of all your tissues, providing precise, real time data to neuroscientists.

Hopefully, through MRI machines such as this one, more lives and minds will be saved than ever before as both the research and technology continue to advance.]