Smart Bandage Illuminates Bright Green When It Detects Bad Bacteria

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A new smart bandage developed by researches at the University of Bath may make diagnosing wound infections much easier in the near future.

Led by chemistry professor Toby Jenkins at the University of Bath, the smart bandage essentially illuminates bright green when it detects bad bacteria.

Obviously, this could be extremely useful when it comes to helping doctors and patients detect infections before they spiral out of control.

While the smart bandage has not been tested on humans quite yet, there’s is no reason to think the early warning system won’t work.

The smart bandage utilizes a gel-like material infused with tiny, fluorescent green dye-filled capsules, that exudes green glowing signals called voila when the capsules come into contact with toxins produced by pathogenic bacteria.

Right off the bat, it would appear as though the smart bandage could find an application in helping burn victims who have the potential to develop nasty infections.

If trials go swimmingly moving forward, look for clinical testing to be ready by 2018.

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A ‘smart’ medical dressing developed by scientists at the University of Bath that changes colour when it detects infection will improve treatments for burns patients and help combat the global problem of antibiotic resistance by reducing the unnecessary use of antibiotics.

Colour-changing burns dressing will help in the fight against infection and antibiotic resistance from University of Bath on Vimeo.