Smart Contact Lens Helps Diabetics Track Glucose Levels While Remaining Comfortable to Wear

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Smart Contact Lens - UNIST

Smart Contact Lens by Jang-Ung Park, UNIST

A few smart contact lens concepts have come and gone with most of them failing for due to users citing discomfort while wearing them.

Of course, this is bound to happen when researchers are attempting to fit electronics people’s eyes.

Now, however, a team of Korean scientists believes they have solved the smart contact lens puzzle by developing a smart lens capable of helping diabetics track blood glucose levels while also remaining flexible, comfortable, and transparent.

By installing the electronics of the new smart lens into isolated pockets linked by stretchable conductors, the lens are able to stay stretchable and act like normal contacts.

An elastic materials aids in making sure the electronics do not shatter when placing pressure on the smart lens.

Power from a metal nanofiber antenna which is fed from a nearby power source coil enables an LED light within the smart lens to stay on as long as glucose levels are normal. If something goes wrong, the light automatically shuts off.

At the moment, a commercial version is expected to be released some time within the next 5 years.