Solar Impulse Solar-Powered Plane Sets off On 120-Hour Flight From Japan to Hawaii

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The most famous solar-powered airplane in the world at the moment, the Solar Impulse, has officially set off on one of the most difficult treks of its round-the-world flight.

Specifically, the Solar Impulse is attempting to complete a 120-hour flight from Nagoya, Japan to Hawaii, this coming approximately one month after the same trans-pacific flight was cancelled due to poor weather conditions.

For this voyage, the team waited until the pilot Andre Borschberg was 10 hours into his flight and everything was going according to plan, before communicating the latest attempt was indeed underway.

The Solar Impulse team says that Borschberg has “passed the point of no return,” and must progress with the 120-hour flight “through to the end.”

For updates on the voyage, check out the Solar Impulse website.

I wish Borschberg the best as he endures five days and nights of flying with only 20-minute naps for breaks!

Not to mention, his breaks take place in an unpressurized cabin where temperatures are volatile.