Tesla Supplier Just Announced a Battery That Will Last for 1.2 MILLION Miles

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Tesla’s Chinese battery firm ‘Contemporary Amperex Technology’ (CATL), claims it is ready to start production on a battery that can run for 1.24 million miles (2 million kilometers).

It’s no doubt a massive leap in the longevity of an electric car battery. It’s a big breakthrough and could have a big effect on reducing carbon emissions.

The newly designed rechargeable batteries are expected to last 16 years. However, you will have to shell out more money, as it will cost 10% more than the ones currently available.

Although the new battery costs more, there won’t be a frequent requirement of battery replacement and warranties could cover more miles. Warranties on batteries currently used in electric cars typically cover only 150,000 miles or eight years.

CATL Chairman, ‘Zeng Yuqun’ has not revealed any customers as of yet.

Zeng said, “If someone places an order, we are ready to produce,”.

Zeng also seemed to be optimistic about the automobile industry hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Zeng said, “The pandemic may have a lasting effect throughout 2020, but won’t be a major factor next year. We have great confidence for the long run.”

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay