The Electric “Taycan” Was Porsche’s Best-Selling Car in the UK Last Month

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Oh, how times change! Porsche, one of the most historically important and successful car makers in history, who has been leading the developments in internal combustion engineering with creations like the “boxer” engine, is now embraced for its all-electric models. More specifically, the acclaimed Taycan, which was released only last year and is already taking the world by storm.

According to a report by Autocar, the Taycan has surpassed the UK sales of all other car models of the Stuttgart-based manufacturer, even the super-popular Macan SUV. This happened for the first time ever in November 2020, and the trend is expected to continue like that.

During the first nine months of 2020, Porsche sold 1,605 Taycans in the UK, which is a very impressive figure considering the lockdown situation and the year over year decline of 10.45% that the firm is suffering. When comparing this sum to the 445 Panameras, 607 Mercedes S-Classes, and 901 BMW 7-Series sold over the same period, the amazing market performance of Taycan becomes even clearer.

Taycan has stricken a chord with consumers in the luxury saloon category, being a true sports EV car that makes no discounts in features, design, interior splendor, quality of materials, and performance. It is the whole package and people love it because there aren’t many EV candidates out there that can claim the same.

The UK is adopting EVs like stray cats at the moment, and the government’s incentives are definitely helping fuel the rise in the figures. 2020 has definitely been a year that marked the beginning of a transition, and the market figures are reflecting this in the best possible way. The market share for EVs in the UK is now 5.8%, just behind hybrids that hold 6.8% of the market. Considering that in 2019 that market share was a mere 1.5%, a massive 162% spike was recorded this year.

Image Credit: Alexander Migl via Wikimedia