Volkswagen’s Climate Windshield Utilizes an Invisible Layer of Silver to Melt Snow and Ice

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Volkswagen’s new climate windshield is a rather unique innovation as it melts snow and ice without the need for any wires whatsoever.

In fact, the company’s climate windshield, which is comprised of laminated glass, features a super thin invisible layer of silver that works in conjunction with the car’s electrical system.

As a result, the invisible layer of silver is able to easily heat up in order to quickly melt away ice and snow.

Additionally, filaments are installed at the bottom of the windshield in order to keep the wipers warm to ensure they never get frozen to the glass.

We’ve all been there before!

Lastly, according to Volkswagen, the new climate windshield’s invisible layer of silver is fully capable of reflecting up to 60 percent of the sun’s rays in the summer.

Ultimately, this advancement can help keep vehicles 15 degrees cooler than traditional window tinting techniques.