World’s First 3D-Printed Car Has Been Constructed & Driven In Chicago

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Local Motors made headlines months ago after announcing the company planned on 3D-printing a car capable of actually being driven, something that had never been done before.

Now, a few months later, the idea has come to fruition in the form of a 3D-printed vehicle called the Strati.

The world’s first 3D-printed car recently made its debut at the International Manufacturing Show in Chicago and Local Motors went on record saying the printing process for the Strati only took 44 hours.

The company hopes to eventually cut the process down to 24 hours.

Incredibly, the Strati is an electric car capable of hitting speeds up to 50 miles per hour with a driving range of approximately 60 miles.

The suspension, battery, wiring, and a few other components of the vehicle did not come out of a printer obviously and Local Motors is confident the Strati will be legal on public roads some time in 2015.

Currently, the price for the Strati is expected to fall between $18,000 and $30,000, although nothing is set in stone.