The World’s First Solar Bike Lane Opens In The Netherlands

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The Netherlands is home to the world’s first solar bike lane, a 70-meter stretch of solar-powered roadway that connects the Amsterdam suburbs of Krommenie and Wormerveer.

The solar road opened a few weeks ago to the public, merely the first step in the $3 million project, as the local government hopes to extend the road to 100 meters by 2016.

Approximately 2,000 cyclists are expected to use the solar bike lane on a daily basis, between commuters and students.

Named SolaRoad, the unique bike lane utilizes rows of crystalline silicon solar cells, embedded into the concrete of the path and covered with a translucent layer of tempered glass in order to function.]

While this new energy-harvesting surface is certainly exciting, the Netherlands also plans use solar panels for other applications moving forward such as powering electric cars and even traffic lights.

The future is bright!

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