YOFiMeter Looks To Help Diabetic Patients Wirelessly Share Blood Sugar Levels

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YOFiMeter is a smart glucose monitor designed to help diabetic patients wireless transmit data to their doctors.

While it is yet to be FDA approved, AT&T is already teaming up with the manufacturers behind the device, recognizing the potential in the all-in-one finger prick testing kit.

After pricking your finger, your blood sugar data goes straight to the cloud, which can then be easily sent to doctors byway of AT&T’s wireless network.

Convincing patients to shoot their their private health information over a wireless network could be difficult but AT&T assures its network is “highly secure and easier glucose monitoring is sorely needed.

YOFiMeter isn’t the first wireless tool we’ve seen aimed at more efficient glucose monitoring but it might be the first real viable option there has been when it comes to making the daily life of diabetics simpler.

Making the monitoring of blood sugar levels easier will hopefully contribute to less people skipping testing, ultimately resulting in folks with diabetes avoiding serious health complications down the road.

Also, eliminating the need for a log diabetics have to manually keep would be a welcome sight seeing as how it is 2016.

AT&T expects production of the YOFiMeter to begin sometime early this year.